• Hanika HE Doubletop Custum/Special Order Guitar

    $5,850.00 $5,300.00


    Back and sides made from high-quality lightweight Madagascar rosewood and a double-top soundboard made from finest cedar wood. The cedar neck has been reinforced several times at its core with rosewood / mahogany, including the heel. The asymmetrically weighted domed soundboard that uses a sandwich design optimize efficiency. The HE Doubletop delivers superior dynamics, a balanced range of tone color and a crisp and sustained sound. The materials used for this classical guitar along with its workmanship and sound mean that it is able to meet elevated demands.

    The pierced rosewood-maple-Macassar head and noble designer tuning machines by Nicoló Alessi underline the high demands that the HE Double Top makes on quality. This classical guitar impresses visually with its body that has been finished with a UV-curing high-gloss varnish and a soundboard that has been elaborately hand-polished with shellac.

    Soundboard wood Cedar, Grade 1

    Back wood Madagascar rosewood, Grade 2

    Neck wood Cedar / 5 x rosewood / mahogany

    Fretboard wood African Blackwood, Grade 1

    Soundboard bracing Double-top, domed

    Soundboard binding African Backwood

    Back binding AfricanBlackwood

    Head plates, front Rosewood / maple / Macassar

    Head plates, back Rosewood / maple / Macassar

    Scale 65 cm

    Fretboard width 52 mm / 42 mm

    Tuning machines Alessi Standard

    Body finish HE high-gloss finish

    Soundboard finish Shellac high-gloss finish

    Case / bag Hanika - Hiscox case, black