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Jose Ramirez

José Ramírez the 1st began his training in Francisco González's studio in 1870. Soon he became independent and, in 1882, he opened his workshop, first in the Rastro and later in the Concepción Jerónima street number 2. From that moment on, a tradition began. was transmitted from parents to children until reaching the current 4th and 5th generations. Today it is Amalia Ramírez who runs this century-old company and who is responsible for the learning of her nephews Cristina and José Enrique.

Little by little the workshop of José Ramírez became the key gear of the School of Guitarists of Madrid, thanks to the improvements and development that they applied to the instrument, and to the training of professionals in their workshop that later became independent. Today it is considered one of the most important Spanish guitar construction companies in the world, and the oldest Spanish guitar house by direct line (from parents to children).

Historically, the workshop and the store were on Concepción Jerónima Street 2. It was in 1995 when the store moved to its current location on 8 de Paz Street, behind the Puerta del Sol clock.
A trajectory of more than 134 years endorses our title of experts in the Spanish guitar at the service of the guitarist.
Our philosophy is based on five words, which are five of our basic pillars, and which represent our five generations of guitarists:
Tradition, Experience, Quality, Innovation and Professionalism.

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