I would like to offer  some information and opinion on Antonio  Picado’s 62 DT or specifically his double top. In reality it is a double back guitar modeled after Manuel Contreras’s Double-Top which is perhaps his best known and most sought after design. Picado’s “double top” as it has been advertised by many dealers on the world wide web is actually not a double top, but instead (like Manuel Conteras’s double top) a double back. This is no way meant as a deception, but perhaps an idea lost in translation. 

Antonio Picado Guitars use a 3mm solid Indian or Madagascar Rosewood for the outer back and solid 1.8mm cedar for the inner back with a space in between (not to be confused with plywood or laminate) and a 1.8mm Spruce or Cedar top as depicted in the photo below:


The purpose of this construction method is to avoid the dampening effect of the players body on the outer back by providing a space between the outer and inner back.  In other words, the inner back (Cedar) is not dampened by the player which increases reverberation, projection and sustain. At least that is the theory. Ramirez and Bernabe have both used double rosewood sides on some of their models models with the same purpose in mind.

In playing Picado’s DT models I have noticed a significant improvement in loudness and sustain. This of course is subjective, but nonetheless it is my opinion.

Eric Chapman - Dulcet Guitars