• Hanika Fusion PC Classical Guitar - Custom/Special Orders

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    Helmut Hanika learned from his Grandfather the construction of violins and later became entirely devoted to building guitars. Helmut started his own workshop in 1953 and later his son Armin Hanika joined the workshop in 1980. Armin passed his master craftsman examinations in 1987 and has been running the shop since 1994. Armin's dedication and obsession to achieve the best sound and playability, has led to a level of perfection and sound quality widely recognized in the guitar world. Today Hanika brand is synonymous with high quality guitars and are in the hands of great players around the world.

    Hanika does not stockpile, all guitars are built to order.

    Build time depends on model and elected options.

    Fusion PC:

    A  Florentine cutaway classical guitar developed on the basis of our Professional Line models for easy fingering and improved playability in high ranges. The FUSION PC's highlights are the cutaway that ends flush with the base of the neck and the newly developed Hanika Composite soundboard. The rib height has been slightly reduced. Its playing and tonal qualities recommend this guitar for demanding improvisations and jazz pieces.

    Back and ribs made from highest-quality Indian rosewood with a soundboard made from best cedar wood, crafted using our own exclusive layering technique. The combination of ideal rosewood with the extremely thin composite cedar soundboard helps the FUSION PC deliver outstanding attack and sustain along with an extensive range of tone color.

    The FUSION PC in a high-gloss finish with a naturally sealed soundboard comes with noble bearing-mounted and bushed designer tuning machines by Nicoló Alessi. The Cedar neck twice reinforced with finest hardwood, the fretboard made from select African Blackwood and the pierced triple-layer rosewood-maple-Macassar head plate are just a few of the quality highlights that stand out on this model. The instrument may easily be fitted with a pick-guard. For more info on custom options Click Here 


    Soundboard wood           

    Cedar, Grade 1

    Back wood

    Rosewood, Grade 1

    Neck wood

    Cedar / 2 x African Blackwood / cedar

    Fretboard wood

    African Blackwood, Grade 1

    Soundboard bracing

    Composite, flat

    Soundboard binding

    African Blackwood

    Back binding

    African Blackwood

    Head plates, front

    Rosewood / maple / Macassar

    Head plates, back

    Rosewood / maple / Macassar


    65 cm

    Fretboard width

    50 mm / 40 mm

    Tuning machines   

    Alessi Standard

    Body finish    

    HE high-gloss finish

    Soundboard finish

    Natural finish


    Hanika-Hiscox case, black

    Question? Call or email: 302-299-2441, dulcetguitars.com/contact

    Includes: Manufacturer's lifetime warranty on production defects.