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    Helmut Hanika learned from his Grandfather the construction of violins and later became entirely devoted to building guitars. Helmut started his own workshop in 1953 and later his son Armin Hanika joined the workshop in 1980. Armin passed his master craftsman examinations in 1987 and has been running the shop since 1994. Armin's dedication and obsession to achieve the best sound and playability, has led to a level of perfection and sound quality widely recognized in the guitar world. Today Hanika brand is synonymous with high quality guitars and are in the hands of great players around the world.

    Hanika does not stockpile, all guitars are built to order.

    Build time depends on model and elected options.

    Grand Konzert, an innovation for large rooms.The Grand Konzert's back and ribs are made from best Palo Escrito tonewood from Mexico and are complemented by a perfectly cut spruce soundboard made with the finest of wood qualities. A second soundboard made from quality Santos rosewood that floats within the body is responsible for outstanding projection and a fuller sound. The asymmetrically weighted domed soundboard with sevenfold fan bracing optimises this classical guitar's efficiency.

    It's particularly its warm and facet-rich timbre, the full sound and the outstanding sound projection that makes the Grand Konzert ideal for ‘big performances’.The monitor sound hole supports the guitarist's own perception and helps improve the direct audibility and monitoring of the sound.The pierced rosewood-maple-Macassar head, the exclusive ‘Alessi’ tuning machines and the high-gloss varnished body with soundboard that has been most elaborately hand-polished with shellac round off this instrument both in regard to its look and sound.


    Soundboard wood

    Solid Spruce, Grade 1

    Back wood 

    Solid Palo Escrito, Grade 1

    Neck wood

    Cedro / 2 x African blackwood / cedro

    Fretboard wood

    African blackwood, Grade 1

    Soundboard bracing

     7-fold, symmetrical, domed

    Soundboard binding

    African blackwood

    Back binding                     

    African blackwood

    Head plates, front

    Rosewood / maple / Macassar

    Head plates, back

    Rosewood / maple / Macassar


    65 cm

    Fretboard width

    52 mm / 42 mm

    Tuning machines

    Alessi Standard

    Body finish

    HE high-gloss finish

    Soundboard finish

    Shellac high-gloss finish

    Case / bag

    Hanika-Hiscox case, black

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    Includes: Manufacturer's lifetime warranty on production defects.